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16 year old Maggie was not happy she was on a school trip to Bangladesh and had been charged with looking after the school banner which she did not want to do, the plane landed at the small Bangladesh airport, Maggie grabbed the banner and headed through the customs, she was called to the desk the where her bag and the school banner was searched, the top of the banner’s pole was unscrewed and three rolled joints fell out, Maggie knew who owned them but the officials would not listen to her pleas of ignorance and took her to a back room to be searched, in the room Maggie saw a couple of Bengali boys of about her age and one who looked preteen, Maggie was told to remove her clothes and asked where and looked in horror when told where she was, Maggie knew she had option but to obey, unbuttoned her blouse removed it followed by her skirt and stood in her bra and panties, she was then told to remove them, Maggie hesitated then unclipped her bra slid it off followed by her panties standing naked, the three boys smiled as they looked at the naked bum of the white girl, Maggie was told to turn, she put one arm over her boobs and a hand between her legs and turned, she was then told to raise both arms above her head she closed her eyes and did as told, the boys eyes when they saw the ample firm boobs and slit of the white girl, Maggie was told to sit on the bench and part her legs when she did she saw the boys staring at her hard, the nurse produced a tube with a light at one end and slowly pushed it up Maggie’s love tube pulled it out told Maggie to lay on the examination couch, the nurse who only looked about 18 years old looked at the boys winked and started to gently press Maggie’s stomach before moving to her breasts  and doing the same there but took longer, the nurse noticed Maggie’s nipples were now erect, the nurse got the tube pushed it back up Maggie’s love tube slowly pushing it in deep Maggie squirmed and moaned her nipples became very erect, the boys had now gathered round the table the two eldest started rubbing Maggie’s boobs the nurse was pushing the tube in and out of Maggie making her moan with pleasure, Maggie felt her boobs being sucked but did not care, Maggie climaxed. 20 minutes later Maggie stood looked at the boys smiled dressed and was told she could go. As she walked out Maggie heard one of class mates saying they are not mine as she taken into the one she had just left and realised it was a set up, smiled and walked away. Thinking to herself I hope she has as much as I did.